The MSCC strives to be inclusive while still maintain its integrity as a coalition of Maryland student and youth groups.  The leadership structure is as follows:

Two Executive Directors: the face of the coalition as a whole, they participate in directing the MSCC but have no voting power in final decision-making.

  • Executive Director of Operations: Initiates outreach to new schools.  Establishes and maintains communication and accountability within the coalition.
  • Executive Director of Campaigns: Plans and oversees elements of a strategic campaign, including media, events, and coalition building with outside ally groups.

Steering Committee: Made up of 1 elected representative from each participating organization in the MSCC.  The Steering Committee holds the decision-making power of the organization and each member has one vote.

  • Oversees elements o f the current campaign, plans future campaigns, decides priorities and verbalizes the need for ad-hoc working groups.
  • Each member communicates to the MSCC the needs of their organization and reports back to their organization with information and support from the MSCC.
  • Each representative is elected by their organization to the steering committee, and doing so proves to the Coalition that the organization plans to participate (to some degree) in MSCC activities and planning.
Chair of the Steering Committee: Writes agendas, sets up and facilitates biweekly conference calls, and checks in with absent Steering Committee members.
Ad Hoc Working groups: As the need for a working group arises, it is formed out of any and all interested MSCC members.  It will have a designated point-person for ease of communication outside the working group.  Communications within the group will be determined by its members and according to the need and urgency.
What this means for you:
If you wish to help the MSCC move forward with its mission and campaign goals, your participation, skills, and knowledge will be most needed on our various working groups.  This is the simplest avenue by which to be a part of our work.
If you wish to determine the direction of the MSCC and hold a more engaging leadership position, please consider joining the steering committee (by becoming your school or organization’s elected representative) or consider running for one of the executive director positions.

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