MSCC @ DC Rally against the Keystone XL Pipeline!

MSCC members rally against the Keystone XL Pipeline!

On Friday October 7th, MSCC members joined other protesters from around the nation to rally against the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline.  Led by Bill McKibben and Tar Sands Action, the group that recently made headlines around the world by organizing two weeks of continuous arrests outside of the White House, this event was centered around the final public State Department hearing regarding the issue.   A large group of local activists sat in line for a chance to speak beginning the evening of Oct. 6th, hoping to thwart paid line-sitters hired by the oil industry.  By morning, the Reagan building was packed with individuals from across the country who had come to express their opinions, both for and against the Pipeline.  At noon, several prominent anti-KXL leaders and activists rallied the hundreds of energized protesters outside of the building.  In a fantastic show of solidarity, many of the members of the OccupyDC and October2011 movements were present to show their support, and many of the anti-KXL protesters joined in a march led by these occupiers – including MSCC members!

MSCC members march through the streets of DC in solidarity with the Tar Sands Action, OccupyDC, and October2011 protesters.


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